Cast announced for the Edgar Allan Poe double feature - Jack Studio Theatre 6 - 24 June

Zachary Elliott-Hatton
‘The Masque of the Red Death’: Duke Norellé
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Roderick

Nell Hardy
‘The Masque of the Red Death’: Duchess Bolevillé
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Madeline

Cristinel Hogas
‘The Masque of the Red Death’: Prince Prospero
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Atticus Usher

Anna Larkin
‘The Masque of the Red Death’: Jester / The Red Death
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Vivian Usher

Bethan Maddocks
‘The Masque of the Red Death’: Duchess Chantellé
‘The Fall of the House of Usher’: Bristol

'The Raven' at The London Horror Festival, 2017

So pleased to announce that 'The Raven' will be a part of The London Horror Festival 2017, at The Old Red Lion Theatre... more details to follow...

Casting for the Edgar Allan Poe double-feature at The Jack Studio Theatre

We open for casting applications on Monday 17 April for the three-week production at award-winning Jack, but wanted to open this up to friends and colleagues a little ahead of that. Two plays, 50 minutes each, seven actors required, from ALL ages and backgrounds, everyone will appear in BOTH productions. It is a paid gig and further details can be obtained from Sophie Tanza Quinn []

Jack Studio Theatre - Edgar Allan Poe Double Bill - Announcement

We love a challenge.

When we wanted to mix things up, what better than two shows instead of one?
That's right a double bill that takes two of the most beloved Edgar Allan Poe short stories and creates one sweeping epic that also takes a fond look at the Roger Corman adaptations for the silver screen.

So what two have we picked for our biggest challenge to date? None other than...

The Masque of the Red Death
Adapted by Simon James Collier
Directed by Omar F. Okai

In his remote and fortified abbey, the notorious Prince Prospero and a handful of selected cronies have taken refuge to wait out the end of the Red Death, a gruesome plague which has swept over the land. But as the revelry continues a mysterious figure appears, and the Prince is forced to confront his own mortality.

The Fall of the House of Usher
Adapted by Adam Dechanel
Directed by Maud Madlyn

Those that enter the House of Usher never leave.
One man, determined to rescue his captive bride-to-be, is pitted against against the centuries old curse cast upon the Usher family. Can he rescue his love before it's too late?

For more information on these shows or to be part of our team email:

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Omar Okai - Celia Musical

'Celia' in 2017

Omar's 'Celia' musical will be workshopped in April 2017. As most know it has been a good journey so far and the journey continues. Always thankful to those who have helped and been part of this musical process. Ashley Alexander Campbell Daniel Jagusz-Holley Christian Gibson Joseph Noble Vanessa White-Smith Shelley Williams Laura Ruocco Stacey Victoria Bland Remy Moynes Victoria Wilson James Michael Cotton.
Richard Bates who has been with us as musical director. Juan Salas Carranza and Juan Salas, who have composed some great melodies. Laurie Coupar for engineering our demo so far at NuGen studios. Scott Houzet owner of Nugen Studios and his continuous support. Laura Saxon for her cool logo design for 'Celia'.Simon James Collier for always helping us out.

Watch this space...

Supporting Wyatt Wendels

Supporting Wyatt Wendels

Wyatt is doing something amazing and needs all the donations he can get.

The rock DJ recently appeared in our production of 'Jekyll & Hyde: Corpus Delicti' to superb reviews -- for those of you who didn't see the production, here's a sneak peak of his 'Mr Hyde'...

For further information about his charity ride, and to donate, here's the information from his Twitter account...

Good luck Wyatt!